Discovery Mindblown Robot Spiral Art Station Kit W Multicolor Markers

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  • SPIRAL ART ROBOT STATION: Build your own battery-powered drawing robot & make cool geometric spirals with this kit! Learn about robotics & use it to make intricate designs that will blow your mind!
  • COMPLETE DIY KIT: This kit has all you need to make an artistic robot friend complete with googly eyes & a mustache! Create multicolored works of art with the 4 included colored markers, or use your own!
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Build-it-yourself robotic artist Build an automated belt-driven base station to design intricate spiral art, hand-drawn by an aluminum robot you create! All you need is an empty soda can to transform into a robotic artist. Follow the included instructions to piece together all the parts, then add the can to finish it off. With a marker in his hands, watch as he automatically draws colorful spirals at the flip of a switch! Geometric spiral art Create dazzling works of art with exciting geometric spinning patterns while developing your engineering skills. The Discovery #MINDBLOWN Spiral Art Station Kit helps you make both hypotrochoids and epitrochoids in a range of vibrant colors! DIY machine This complete kit includes all the parts you need to build your very own spinning art machine. Plus, it comes with four different colors of markers so you can make multicolored masterpieces! Hands-on learning This STEM toy blends science and art to show how the two are equally important concepts that work together! You will dive into robotics, geometry, engineering and art, providing hands-on learning that will inspire you! Features: DIY kit with all the parts you need to build your drawing robot - just add an empty can! Spiral Art Station for creating dazzling works of art Multicolor markers for making unique masterpieces Battery operated for use anywhere without cords STEM toy that inspires hands-on learning in the subjects of robotics, geometry, engineering and art Package Contents: 20-piece DIY Spiral Art Station kit 4 colored markers 30 paper cards Easy-to-follow illustrated instruction booklet This Robot Spiral Art Station is the perfect gift for kids ages 8 and up! Ready to take your own spin on art? Click "Add to Cart" NOW!

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