STARE Board Game - Gold Seal Of Excellence

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Stare! Board Game -Gold Seal Of Excellence.

Condition: Brand New Factory Sealed.

Are you ready for the challenging game of Stare? You have twenty seconds to stare at the picture on the card. After the timer runs out you'll be asked a series of questions about the image. Images could include movie posters, old advertisements, comics, funny photos, or even a work of art. Questions could include things like: What color is the man's hat? How many animals do you see? etc.Stare Cards

How much do you really remember when you look at things? Stare is a great game that will have you guessing about what you really saw. Correct answers will keep you going, but make sure your luck doesn't run out first. Stare is a great game for parties - see how good you are when people are trying to distract you! Check out Stare for your next


Stare challenges how much players can recall about images they see on the game cards. Players move around the board by correctly answering questions about the images. The first player/team to reach the finish triangle is the winner of the game Stare.


The Stare game includes the game board, 300 image cards with questions, a sand timer, playing pawns, a die, and the Stare game rules and instructions.

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